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"A line of 100% organic botanical beauty products that set a new standard for quality & potency in natural skin care."


Only The Top-Tier of Organic Botanical Ingredients

Crabtree Lane products use only the top-tier, highest quality organic botanical ingredients - and nothing else. We've found the ingredients that make the biggest difference in your skin, and that is all we use. 


  Not all plant ingredients are suitable for the delicate skin on the face - and many botanical ingredients should not be used on the skin at all.  One such common beauty ingredient is "Coconut Oil" - found in many natural beauty products.  This ingredient is not toxic - but it is highly comedogenic.  Highly comedogenic ingredients are unsuitable for delicate skin and cause clogged pores, breakouts, and irritation in more people than not.  Crabtree Lane products are only made with the very highest-quality of organic botanical ingredients - and only those ingredients that are absolutely perfect for the skin. 


Highest-Potency Formulation & Never Diluted

You may notice the ingredients list on each Crabtree Lane product is less than 5 ingredients. Always.

  This is how much we trust the game-changing ingredients in our line.

The potent, organic botanical ingredients we've chosen are so incredibly well-suited for the skin that they need nothing else - and - they do their best work without other ingredients to get in the way. 


 The current industry standard is to include lower quality (but still "natural"), cheaper ingredients as fillers to "take up space" in your products.

These filler ingredients water-down the effective ingredients in the product - and are often bad for your skin. 

(Like the coconut oil mentioned above, and many other common plant ingredients that are not ideally suited for the delicate skin on the face.)


Skin-Safe Ingredients Only & Formulated for Sensitive Skin

Our line of potent, organic products is not only the most effective way to care for the skin - but we always use only the most skin-safe ingredients available. 

We know chemicals in skin care products can damage your skin - but natural and plant-based skin care ingredients can be damaging and irritating to the skin also, and this is especially true for sensitive skin types. 

Crabtree Lane Products Contain...



Essential oils are used in almost every brand of natural skin care on the market.

It is true that essential oils have "beneficial" properties - but their highly concentrated form makes essential oils inappropriate for daily use as skin care.

These extracts are extremely harsh on the skin and cause micro-irritations to normal skin types, and are significantly irritating and damaging to sensitive skin.

Many essential oils are sensitizing to the skin - making it more sensitive to other forms of irritation like sun exposure and dehydration. 

Crabtree lane products never contain essential oils. 



A key component to providing the highest-quality and most effective botanical skin care products is protecting the potency and efficacy of the delicate natural ingredients. 

Our formulation process is completely anhydrous. This means that our skin care products contain no water (100% organic botanical oils) - and therefore need no chemical preservatives to prevent them from going bad. 

Chemical preservatives, natural preservatives, and even vitamin E (used to prevent oil oxidation) are irritating to sensitive skin - and we never add preservatives to our pure formulations. 



If an ingredient won't significantly improve your skin, it never goes into a Crabtree Lane bottle. 


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We know plant-based beauty oils are game-changing for your skin - so we're going to show you why.